The Devil's Alphabet

The Devil's Alphabet is an English phonetic alphabet that I designed to be maximally confusing (though not necessarily maximally obscure). If you are a linguistic sadist, try it out on a call center operator.

There are some gaps and maybe some room for improvement. If you have any creative suggestions, please contact me.

You may also wish to check out Everett Howe's Nearly Anacrophonic Phonetic Alphabet (NAPA).

-- ben (that's "B" as in "bdellium", "E" as in "ewe", "N" as in "ngultrum"!)

A aisle
B bdellium
C ctenophore
D djellaba
E ewe
G gnome
H herb
I isle
J jicama
K knight
L llyn
M mneme
N ngultrum
O oeconomics
P psalm
Q quay
S sea
T tsar
U uh-oh
V vrail
W wrick
X xebec
Y ytterbium
Z zoppa