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Ben is an experienced engineering and product management leader with a background in IP networking and distributed systems. He has served in senior management and executive roles at Blockstream, Open Garden, and BitTorrent and led teams of elite engineers and researchers working on hard problems in applied cryptography, Byzantine fault tolerant distributed systems, mobile mesh networking, and peer-to-peer content distribution.

Earlier in his career, Ben led applied networking research initiatives at Internet2, bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia, government, and industry to build national-scale testbeds for IP QoS, IP performance metrics, and VoIP. Ben has published and spoken extensively on these topics and has co-authored several IETF RFCs.

Earlier in his career, Ben contributed to the Cecil programming language and wrote a Smalltalk binding for the SHORE persistent object store.

Ben has degrees from MIT in Mathematics and the University of Wisconsin–Madison in Computer Science.

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